Save yourself time and call in the Remote IT Experts Based in Dublin

 15 years in business providing remote IT support & consultancy services. Scroll down the page to see some area’s we can assist you with  

Our policy

 Free consultations to assess any work that need to be done

Benefits of our remote IT Support service

  You Call – We Connect - We Resolve.  

Quicker Response Time

Computer downtime can be very costly to your business and waiting for an IT Technician to show up to your office might not be the most cost effective option. When you contact on us we will immediately assess your needs and advise on a suitable course of action.

Cost Effectiveness

Remote IT Support services are less expensive to the provider than onsite IT support, as it eliminates the cost of travel, fuel and vehicles. This allows us to pass on the saver to you the customer.

Flexible Support Times

Flexible support hours allow you to agree a time with our Remote Support Technician for granting access to your computer. Your computer may be having problems but is still operational and you can’t afford down time during busy work hours.

No Call Out Charges

No Call-Out Charges i.e. No Waiting for an I.T. Technician to arrive at your business.

Free Assessment

Free Assessment – Free Quotation – No Obligation

100% Safe, Secure IT Support

We use industry standard and approved software to connect encrypted end to end

Some of our remote IT Support Service’s

  You Call – We Connect – We Resolve.  


Speed up PC’s, Laptops, Mac’s

Maximise startup and shutdown speeds

Optimise OS Speeds

Disable harmful browser add-ons

Windows crashing or freezing

Fix pop up issues



Remove virus infections

Remove malware

Remove ransomware

Check firewalls and security software

Check for vulnerabilities

Setup automated backups


Device not restarting after recent Windows update

Windows Blue Screen errors or stuck in system loop

A component in your device stopped working

Wireless Internet problems

Printer issues

Networking of software



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